Our blood tests will usually take 2-3 working days for results to come back with your individual analysis.

If your blood test includes tests for testosterone or lipids such as cholesterol then please complete fasted in the morning.

No, currently tests for coronavirus are not widely available to the public.

Yes, all of our labs are UKAS accredited and therefore require the same levels of accuracy in their tests as all UK, NHS and private healthcare laboratories.

We use the same methods to test your blood as the NHS and private laboratories. Blood tests at your GP or hospital are usually venous (from a vein, usually from your arm). Studies have shown both methods produce the same results.   The only difference is that we use a smaller volume of blood — from a small finger-prick. A sample from your GP could end up being tested in the same lab, on the same machine, right next to your fingerprick sample! GPs and hospital venous tests take more blood as this allows them to test for extra values if they need to without taking another sample. With our tests there is no need for this, so a smaller volume of blood works fine.

We will send you out a free replacement kit to retest the sample if it either does not work or the sample is delayed in the post and cannot be analysed effectively. All of our collection tubes contain additives to stabilise the sample and preserve it on its journey to the lab (you can't always see this in the tube) to prevent issues.