Providing you with the tools to practice preventative medicine.

The Immuniti team have years of experience running UK healthcare companies with a focus on remote health testing, diagnosis and expert consultancy with registered UK doctors.

Immuniti specialises in affordable testing services which put the power in your hands so that you can identify areas to improve on for a full and healthy life!

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Fast, accurate and confidential blood tests to achieve better health and wellbeing

Blood tests designed to identify key Biomarkers and empower you to take charge of your health.

Message from our Founder

Alastair Kennett has worked for several years in various healthcare roles, from healthcare assistant, to physiotherapist to the managing director of a successful healthcare company.

“I have seen a lot of very unwell patients, mostly with chronic health conditions that could have been avoided, diabetes that could have been avoided and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease that could have been avoided.

Modern medicine is by and large a wonderful thing. We have fantastic tests which can track, identify and monitor most of the main conditions that affect people. Almost all of these conditions can be prevented or delayed if people know how to avoid them and when they are at risk.

Immuniti aims to provide the best tests used in hospitals, at your fingertips. Convenient, quick and cost-effective, our tests allow everyone to take control of their health and practice true preventative medicine.”


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