The Importance of Testing for Preventative Medicine

The Importance of Testing for Preventative Medicine
In this day and age, Preventative Medicine is the new buzz word.
Despite this, we are a long way off actually practising what we preach. Real preventative medicine has always and continues to be, the preserve of the rich and famous.
They have private doctors who test them for numerous biomarkers and continually screen for health issues at regular times. 
This approach is extremely effective (Have you ever wondered why most rich people and celebrities live for so long and look so healthy?). Potential issues can be identified and fixed with supplements, medications, hormones, exercise and nutrition.
But it is also expensive and well beyond the reaches of the average Joe in the population who doesn't have the time or contacts to get these tests done!

But this is about to change.

Testing is now not only good value, but it can also be done from the safety of your home, without specialist equipment and in around 10 minutes. This means no missed work days, affordable and repeatable tests with no direct contact with the public or other unwell patients.

In these times, health is more important than ever.

2020 will be known as the year of health awareness. Our population has become complacent about their health.
We think we can get away with eating too much of the wrong things, not exercising, drinking too much alcohol and generally ignoring the things we know we should be doing.
Unfortunately, we have had a rude awakening, and now many people are realising that they aren't as healthy as they thought as they consider the risks on the horizon.
Risk factors such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and poor liver function are all becoming bigger issues as time passes, despite better knowledge and understand if their causes.
All of these risk factors are also extremely easy to monitor and improve.

If you don't know you have the issue, then how do you treat it or even prevent it?

Preventing an issue is more difficult if you don't know that it's coming. This is the importance of our testing kits. Our kits can give you that early warning that something is amiss, allowing you to make the health changes to improve.
So start your health journey today, it's never too late to improve.